COCO Natural Mint (All White)

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Discover the perfectly balanced blend of cool and sweet, made with only natural flavours that are sure to tickle your senses.

Dive into a refreshing escape with COCO's Natural Mint nicotine pouches, expertly crafted with purely authentic infusions. Savour the invigorating essence of natural mint as each pouch carries you to crisp, cool sensations and serene moments. Experience the perfect harmony of minty allure and genuine nicotine satisfaction carefully contained in each pouch.


For a quick release of nicotine and flavours:
1. moisten the pouch by placing it on your tongue.
2. once the pouch is moist, chew the pouch once carefully. Be careful not to open the pouch.
3. place the pouch under your upper lip and feel the intense flavour and quick release of nicotine.
4. enjoy the kick for up to an hour
Snus type: All White
Strength: 4/5
Flavor: Mint
Nicotine content: 20 mg/g
Tobacco substitute per can: 9 g
Pouch size: Slim
Pouches per can: 20

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